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Michigan Jaguars Football Club Information for Camps, Clinics, Training Programs and Events

The Michigan Jaguars Football Club (MJFC) offers dozens of teams for all age groups. However, getting ready to play in games requires practice. To help soccer players learn the skills they need, the MJFC offers a variety of camps, clinics and training programs. Here’s a breakdown of these opportunities, plus a list of special events for the Jaguar family.

Jaguar Camps and Classes

The Michigan Jaguars Football Club conducts various camps and classes. They are structured for the different age brackets and skill levels of the players who are part of the MJFC family.

College Prospect Training

The MJFC College Prospect Training camp lasts six weeks. College soccer coaches coordinate each session on the training schedule. Players do not have to be registered MJFC players. There is a list of schools and coaches that are scheduled to attend.

Players in the under-15 to under-19 age groups are eligible. The College Prospect Training camp has a limit 80 total players. The 80 player camp limit is composed of 36 spots for fielders, plus four goalies for both the boys and girls.

College Recruiting Camp

The structure of the College Recruiting Camp is similar to Prospect Training. Coaches and colleges attending are updated regularly until the date of the camp. The same age bracket restrictions are used for the College Recruiting Camp, and players do not have to be part of the Jaguars’ program to participate.

Team Camps

The Michigan Jaguars Football Club conducts two separate team camps. Each year starts with these camps to help players get ready for the upcoming spring season. There is a five-day training schedule that is visited by college coaches and scouts.

The CW3 branch holds a camp for players within the under-8 and under-12 age brackets. Jaguar team players should check to see if these camps are mandatory for their Jaguar teams. These camps are during the summer, so players are encouraged to bring extra water and sunscreen.

Summer Youth Camps

The final camp schedules offered by the Michigan Jaguar Football Club are the summer camps. There are eight individual camps held at the different Jaguar branches. There are specific camps for goalies, plus advanced skills camps at Dearborn.

Girls will want to check out the Girls Only Camp held at Wixom. The CW3 branch holds both a day camp and a night camp to help parents with work limitations. Most camps are open to the under-6 to under-12 age groups. Check the camp itinerary for specific schedule information.

Jaguar Training and Programs

The Michigan Jaguars Football Club also breaks down different training programs to target individual player needs. There are a variety of opportunities for players to learn technical soccer skills, plus receive more individualized training than they can on their teams. Players who are not part of the MJFC organization may apply for a guest player waiver.

  • Team Training – There are three team training sessions held at various times during the year. Two of the Jaguar branches, Huron Valley and CW3, currently conduct five training sessions per year.

There is a fall and spring session, plus three winter sessions. The Michigan Jaguars team also holds five different training sessions using the same calendar format.

  • Goalkeepers – There are four sessions spread throughout the different Jaguar teams and branches. The Michigan team holds two goalkeeper training sessions, plus there are various opportunities for goalkeepers at Huron Valley, CW3 and Dearborn.
  • Match Fit Program – This is a fitness training program targeted at preparing players for the rigorous game action inherent in the game of soccer. The program is held at Milford High School.

Coaches teach players about flexibility and how to prevent injuries. The various sessions incorporate anaerobic and strength training. The schedule blends yoga and coordination drills with strength and endurance exercises specifically designed for soccer players.

  • Summer Champions Camp – This is an intense training camp for the young soccer enthusiast. Camp breaks on June 17th and runs through the end of July. There is a holiday break for July 4th.

The camp is broken down into 90-minute training sessions, including an hour each week for goalkeeper work. Games are played during the middle of the week, with a championship final held at the end of camp for every age group.

  • Street Soccer – This is a short session that focuses a lot on one-on-one soccer attach drills. It is designed to promote skilled ball movement, plus improve a player’s man-on-man isolation defensive abilities. Sessions are free, held at each of the three branches, plus no registration is necessary.
  • Total Performance Training Center – The Total Performance Training Center (TPTC) isn’t a camp or clinic, but it is an ongoing training opportunity for all Michigan Jaguar Football Club members. Registering as a Jaguar earns a 20-percent discount at the facility.

Individualized drills are used to help players correct problem areas in their game. There are skill courses to help teach improved footwork and field agility. Parents can even workout while their kids are training at the TPTC facility.

Michigan Jaguar Football Club Events

The organization holds a series of tournaments, plus special events used as fundraisers for various MJFC charitable causes. Here are the tournaments and special events for the current calendar year. New opportunities are always being considered, so check the website frequently for new additions or changes.

  • Jaguar Invitational – This is the biggest MJFC tournament. Team entry into the Jaguar Invitational Tournament is by a selection committee. The committee uses won/loss records, level of play, plus results from other tournaments, including the Jaguar Invitational.
  • Huron Valley 3-on-3 – Huron Valley’s branch of the Michigan Jaguar Football Club holds an annual tournament each summer. Registration is open to teams for both boys and girls spanning age groups under-6 to under-21.
  • Dearborn 3-on-3 – There is a second tournament a week later at the Dearborn branch. The format is essentially same, except there is one additional age bracket, under-5.
  • CW3 Financial Assistance Golf Outing – Each fall the CW3 branch is the site of the Jaguars’ Annual Financial Assistance Golf Tournament to raise money. This tournament generates the money that the organization uses to help fund a program for kids who cannot afford the MJFC registration costs.

The golf tournament is held at the Bay Pointe Golf Club and is open to any adult 21-years of age or older. There are various prizes offered, including a $10,000 hole-in-one payout. A silent auction is held after the tournament to help raise additional funds.

These are the camps, classes, training programs and special events hosted by the Michigan Jaguars Football Club. Each opportunity strives to follow the MJFC mission of giving every soccer player a chance to grow and excel. Be mindful that new events are often added, including a possible tournament at the new LaSalle location in Canada.