A Team for Everyone in the Michigan Jaguars Football Club

The Michigan Jaguars Football Club (MJFC) strives to offer all ages and all levels of soccer players a chance to improve their game. One way they help encourage growth and development is through their various teams. Here’s an overview of the different teams the organization offers. For the latest teams, check the official Michigan Jaguars FC team site.

Jaguars UPSL

Earlier this year, the organization announced its intentions to field a team in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL). The UPSL is the pinnacle of soccer excellence. The Jaguar team will play games and practice at Detroit Catholic Central High School.

This team builds off roots established by the Novi Jaguars. The Jaguars new UPSL team will be made up of extremely talented soccer players. Many have played at the college level. The roster will also be comprised of a few former semi-professional stars.

One key responsibility of this team will be to unify all the MJFC teams. Youth players can participate in pregame activities with Jaguar UPSL players. Every Jaguars UPSL home game is also free to anyone under 18 years of age.

Michigan Jaguars

There are currently over two-dozen boys and girls travel teams offered. The age brackets start at for kids under the age of seven and go all the way up to boys and girls teams for players under 19.

Most divisions have more than one team. Teams are broken down by player talent level and experience. There are Michigan Jaguars green, white, black and silver. There are also specific teams in the girls’ division associated with the US Soccer Girls’ Development Academy.

CW3 Jaguars

Players in Commerce, Walled Lake, Wolverine Lake, and Wixon are welcome at tryouts and to participate with the CW3 Jaguars. Like the Michigan Jaguars team structure, there are CW3 teams in each age bracket. The boys’ teams span from U7 to U18. There is at least one girl’s team in every age category as well.

Dearborn Jaguars

Dearborn is one of three regional branches for Michigan soccer players. The Dearborn Jaguars team is composed of the same age-brackets as the other teams. Each of the four boys under-10 teams have two squads separated by skill and experience levels. There is one team in each of the 10 girls’ age categories as well.

Huron Valley Jaguars

This is the third branch of the Michigan Jaguars FC. Huron Valley is a smaller branch but still offers a team for every age group, both boys and girls. The girls and boys under-18 high school team will travel to various showcase tournaments across the Midwest.

LaSalle Jaguars

There will now be a fourth branch beginning in June 2019. Players in the LaSalle, Ontario, Canada area can expect the same age bracket diversity offered by the three other MJFC branches. The widespread influence of Michigan Jaguar soccer now steps outside the boundaries of the US.

Jaguars United

As the team name indicates, this is a unification Jaguars squad using all the other teams and collective branches. This a 10-month program that offers enhanced training opportunities, plus competition at the highest levels. There are tryouts for the Jaguars United team, and any soccer player regardless of level may try out for this exclusive Jaguar team.

The Academy

Similar to the Jaguars United team, the Academy is a unique opportunity for the girls. It is another 10-month MJFC program. The Academy is the recognized training program for the US Soccer Girls’ Development Academy. There are frequently college scouts on hand, plus a series of games will be played using international rules.


Each team has registration contact information posted on the Michigan Jaguars Football Club website under teams/registration. It’s a simple process, but if you have any questions there is a contact for each team and branch of the MJFC.

These are the individual teams that are part of the Michigan Jaguars Football Club. Each team relies on the fundamental concept which is the MJFC mission to provide instruction and guidance aimed at bringing out the best in every player regardless of their skill level or experience. There is a place for anyone and everyone who wants to play Jaguar soccer.