Junior Jaguars

The Michigan Junior Jaguars Program – Teaching Kids to Love Soccer

The Michigan Jaguars Football Club offers various teams, camps, clinics and training programs for soccer players of all ages. One of these programs is the Junior Jaguars. This is a developmental type league that focuses on players between the ages of 4 and 14.

Coaches focus on teaching practical soccer skills and helping to develop a player’s passion for the game. These young players gain valuable experience from playing competitive games in a setting that strives to make playing soccer fun.


The staff of coaches at the Michigan Jaguars Football Club believes strongly that developing good skills at an early age is essential. Understanding the tactical skills of soccer helps players to improve on their own abilities and consequently enjoy the game more.

Not every young soccer player may be destined for stardom. However, every young soccer player can be taught the skills sufficient for them to benefit from and enjoy playing soccer. The Junior Jaguars program gives players and their families a chance to witness firsthand the success of the Michigan Jaguars Football Club organization.


There are 10 individual age brackets used in the Michigan Jaguars Football Club, Jaguars team program. The ages span from under-4 to under-14. Depending on the total number of players in any given bracket, some areas may consolidate age groups to make certain there are enough players to field teams.


One of the appealing features of the Junior Jaguars program is the split sessions. Players and parents do not need to make a full year commitment. There are sessions in the spring, summer and fall, plus three winter sessions.

Players can register and participate in any number or combination of these six sessions. The Junior Jaguar program schedules are held at four of the Jaguar’s branches. Junior Jaguar sessions are offered at the Dearborn, Wixom, Huron Valley and the CW3 Commerce branches.

Groups and Teams

The first breakdown used for the Junior Jaguars is by age. There are various group levels held at the different branch facilities. There are two groups called Jaguar Cubs. These are specifically for children ages 4 to 5. These younger groups focus a lot of attention on simple soccer basics and the development of motor skills.

The Cubs programs are at either the Wixon or Huron Valley branches. The CW3 Commerce Junior Jaguars offer a Pee Wee program using the same age criteria. All four of the locations offer Juniors programs for the remaining age brackets.

Each player who participates in the Junior Jaguars program will also be selected for a team. All the teams will have full-time coaching staff. There will be floating coaches, experts at different soccer skills, who will be available.

The teams will be divided into divisions based on age, and then will play games against one another. There will be at least one day each week designated for practice only. During these practice days, players may be mixed to concentrate on individual skills.


To register, a parent needs only to create a free Michigan Jaguars Football Club user account. Parents can then register their children online. There are also some dates scheduled for parents who prefer to register at one of the locations.

Registrations for each individual program usually open three to four months prior to the starting date. Early registrations are frequently discounted. Parents or guardians can also ask questions of individual program administrators by using the contact information available on the MJFC website.

You can find dozens of high school and college soccer team rosters and find players who trace their roots back to the Junior Jaguars. Any soccer player, boy or girl, between the ages of 4 and 14 can play with the Junior Jaguars.

Check the location where you live to be certain the age bracket you need is available. It may be a lifelong enjoyable memory, teaching valuable game skills and life lessons, or it could be a stepping stone into a stellar career as a soccer star.